The following Reports are specific to the Opportunity and Response pages. There may be other reports available on these pages. For more information on the other reports available see the Alphabetical Listing of Reports.
Selected Response Letter
Select the responses by participants and run this report to produce a letter containing the Letter Body from the Opportunity record.
Page: Responses
Selected Response Listing
Select some response records then run this report to print those responses.
Page: Responses
Response Summary
Summarizes the number of responses to opportunities.
Pages: Opportunities, Responses
Response Closure by Month
Shows all Responses and their status according to the time frame specified.
Page: Opportunities
Opportunities Selected
Lists the Opportunities selected.
Page: Opportunities
Opportunity Summary
Summarizes the number of opportunities by Congregation and Ministry Area.
Pages: Congregations, Ministries, Opportunities, Responses

Last Modified: 5/5/2018

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