Working with Payments


  • Payment records are created when someone registers for an event on the MinistryPlatform Portal.
  • Each Payment record contains:
    • Information about who, when, and how the payment was made,
    • Information related to the gateway system that processed the payment, and
    • Payment Detail lines that explain how the payment was used to credit existing invoices.

Initial Setup

The Payments Page is ready to use immediately after your MinistryPlatform Portal has been configured. After processing a few test registrations through the Portal, Payment records appear on this page. By default, "Administrators" and those with "Full Rights No Stewardship" have access to this page. Users who need access to Payments and are not Administrators or Stewardship uses should be assigned to the "Products & Payments Full Rights" Security Role.


  • Payment Total*: The Total amount paid. Should match the sum of all payment details associated with this record.
  • Contact*: The Contact who made the Payment.
  • Payment Date*: The date the payment was made.
  • Gateway Response: The payment Gateway response for this Payment record.
  • Transaction Code: The transaction code from the payment gateway.
  • Notes: Any notes that apply to this Payment. This will often include the contact information entered for the payment.
  • Merchant Batch: The Merchant batch that this Payment is associated with. This is usually populated via the exporting of Payments to the accounting system.
  • Payment Type: The name of the payment type.
  • Item Number: The item number when appropriate, usually used with check payments.
  • Processed: Whether this payment is processed (exported to the accounting system).
  • Currency: The currency for this payment.
  • Invoice Number: The invoice number that this payment is associated with. Note this is not the Invoice record associated in the Platform. This number is generated based on the payment information. For more information about this number, see Q4 of the Payments FAQ article.
  • Congregation: Value set automatically to ensure Users are limited to Invoices allowed by with Global Filter permissions. 

Last Modified: 12/13/2019

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