Planned Contacts


  • Planned Contact records represent a specific action that needs to be taken by a staff person or volunteer relating to a Contact Log entry.
  • Contact Log entries that have Planned Contact records associated with them will appear on the Portal's My Calls page.

Planned Contacts Fields

  • Planned Contact Title
  • Instructions - These display on the My Calls Portal page.
  • Manager - The person who should be contacted if there is any issue with the Planned Contact (e.g., failure, max. # of attempts, etc.)
  • Hours until Past Due - From the time the Contact Log record is created, this number of hours determines the due date of the task associated with the Planned Contact.
  • Maximum Attempts - The maximum number of times contact can be attempted.
  • Notify On Max Attempt - If Yes, the manager receives an email if the number of maximum attempts has been met so they can determine the next steps.
  • Notify on Failure - If Yes, the manager is notified if someone marks a Planned Contact record as "do not contact".
  • Next Planned Contact - If the current Planned Contact record is one of a series, this field identifies the next Planned Contact record in the series. When a Contact Log entry is successful, a record associated with the Next Planned Contact is created.
  • Next Contact By - If a specific person should be responsible for the Next Planned Contact, identify them here. Leave it blank if you want the various users to be able to assign the call to themselves.
  • Days Until Next Contact - The number of days before the next Planned Contact is due. This is measured from the time the current Planned Contact is marked as successful.
  • Call Team - The Call Team is the Group that is taking the unassigned calls. Not having a Call Team assigned means anyone with My Calls rights can see and pick up unassigned calls. Setting a Group limits the "pool" of people who can see/pick up the unassigned calls.

Last Modified: 4/3/2020

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