Working with Procedures


  • The Procedures page in MinistryPlatform is normally found in the Communications section. Use this page to record specific actions that, taken together, accomplish some goal for your church.  
  • Using this page creates a central record of the "How To" information related to the manner in which your church uses MinistryPlatform. However, your church may elect to add procedures partially related, or completely unrelated to MinistryPlatform.
  • The Procedures page comes with some sample entries. These entries may be relevant to your church as they are or with a minor adjustment.  Some may be completely irrelevant. These entries can be edited or deleted by your church.  

Creating Procedures

Any user with Security Rights to quick add or edit a Procedure record can create a procedure.  You may elect to allow all staff to view Procedures by editing the "Basic Staff Rights" Security Role. Your church may elect to allow some staff to create procedures. Create a specific Security Role for this purpose and give it to those who will author Procedure records.
The following fields are available when creating a Procedure:
  • Procedure Title:* A short, friendly title to assist the reader to find this Procedure.
  • Creation Date: A date indicating the age of the Procedure.
  • Active: Set to Yes to include this Procedure in some views and reports. Leave Active as No if a Procedure is still being written or if it should be kept in the system even if it no longer applies.
  • User:* The person who is responsible for maintaining and/or performing this Procedure.
  • Ministry: The specific ministry to which this Procedure applies. Leave blank if it applies to many.
  • Page: The specific page the Procedure is related or relevant to. Without this value set, this Procedure does not print on the Procedure Manual reports.
  • Purpose: A brief explanation of the reason for this Procedure.
  • Approach: An overview of the method by which the goal will be accomplished.
  • Step by Step: Detailed instructions including an ordered list of sequential actions the user will follow to accomplish this procedure.  HTML formatting is supported.

Page-specific Procedures

Procedures display when a user runs the *About this Page report.  They are included along with views, reports and workflows relevant to that page. It is possible to print only the Procedures by selecting Procedures from the Item Type parameter drop down then clicking View Report.

Printing a Procedures Manual

From the Procedures page, run the report titled Procedures Manual, which prints all active Procedures by page. If you wish to print only some of the Procedures, create a selection of the Procedure records you wish to print and then launch the Selected Procedures Manual report.

Last Modified: 7/27/2020

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