Custom Report Requests

Note: The following document is for making custom report requests. If you are requesting a custom report or a report modification, please follow these steps to gather the information necessary to support your request.

Section 1: Report Use

Please answer the following questions when requesting any modified or custom report:

  1. Who is the target audience for this report?
    (staff, volunteers, people in a certain job role, etc.)
  2. In what final form will they use it?
    (online exported to Excel, printed letter-size on paper, etc)
  3. Exactly what will they do with it once they have the report?
    (write on it, file it, just look at it, etc.)
  4. When will it be printed/exported? 
    (4 weeks before the event, the day before, day after, once a month, etc.)
  5. If applicable, include a sample selection you would use so we can duplicate the before/after report.
  6. What would you like to name the report?
  7. What page or pages would you like it available on?
  8. What Security Roles need to access it or who needs to be able to access it?

Section 2: Layout

Indicate the desired layout, including actual database table and field names (not field labels in the user interface). If you are starting from an existing report, you only need to give the table and field names of fields you are adding – but do it ‘in-place’ in the mock-up.

All mock-ups must be typed – handwritten mock-ups will not be accepted. If you are removing fields, they should not be visible in your layout at all, and their removal should be noted in section 4.

Important: Some of the fields used in the example below are custom, added by a customer to extend their database. This is just a guide for how to notate them when asking for the data to be shown in a report. You will use the field names available in your database.

Section 3: Format

Next, you should provide an image that shows what it would look like when all the data is merged:

Section 4: Features and Parameters

Lastly, you should list any additional features/aspects desired of the report, including any adjustments or addition to the parameters at the top of the report window:

Report Features
  • Small thumbnail photo
  • Show/Hide Personal Information (maybe)
  • Show/Hide Family Information (maybe)
  • Compact with smaller font
  • Printable

Note: It is very important to note that providing a request is only the beginning of the conversation. Keep in mind that the requested layout, information contained, and additional features may not be possible and are at the discretion of the report writer. A response to your request will be provided and agreed upon before any work is begun
Please note that changes, corrections, enhancements to custom reports will almost always be charged at our normal hourly rate with a 1 hour minimum.

Last Modified: 10/26/2018

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