SQL 2016 MobileReports

Note: You must have SQL 2016 Enterprise in order to leverage MobileReports with MinistryPlatform.

MobileReports are a new dashboard interface that is part of SQL 2016 and can be used with MinistryPlatform to leverage and see your data in new ways!

See the video below for a tutorial on creating your own MobileReports.

Video Topics: Building Your Own MobileReport

0:57 - Paginated vs. Mobile
6:30 - Ministry Dashboards
11:26 - Making a mobile report
41:38 - Q&A

Existing Projects Available

For those who have SQL 2016, here are some MobileReports Professional Services has created for other churches that are available for purchase:

  • Campaign Dashboard
  • Campaign Scorecard
  • Donation Dashboard
  • Donation Scorecard
  • Giving Unit Facts By Start Date
  • Giving Units By Age Over Time
  • Participant Analysis

Contact Support for estimate or request customization.

These projects are provided with no warranty or support. Any changes, fixes, etc, will be subject to availability and billed at the prevailing hourly rates. 
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Last Modified: 6/14/2019

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