Event Reminder Notification

Event Reminders are sent out in advance of an Event to registered Participants or Heads of Household depending on how it is setup.

  • Frequency: Daily
  • Recipients: Any registered Event Participant with a status of 02 Registered in the Event who has an email on file. If Send to Heads is chosen and the Registrant is not a Head of Household the Registrant and the Contacts who are Head of Household in the Registrant's Household will receive the message. If the Registrant is a Head of Household, only they will receive the message and no one else.
  • From/Reply To: The Primary Contact of the Event. If it is null, then it will look at the Contacts identified in Message Template. If the template is also null, it will come from Support. Name displayed for email recipients is the sender's Nickname Last Name.
  • Contents: An email reminding registrants of an upcoming event.
  • How to stop: Remove the value from Days Out To Remind in the event.
  • Method for sending: Platform
  • Logging in Messages: Daily, template message is copied. Recipients are logged.
  • Configuration Settings:
  • Merge fields supported:
    Subject & Body: [Nickname], [Last_Name], [Event_Title].
    Body only: [Event_Start_Date], [Meeting_Instructions], [Congregation_Name],[Location_Name], [Event_Details_URL], [Group_Name], [Group_Assignment],  [Option_Title]. Option_Title token will list all of the options chosen (separated by a comma).
  • Initial Configuration: For each event, set a number of days in Days Out To Remind.
  • Optional Configuration: Create your own, event-specific message template and set in optional reminder message.
  • Notes:  If new Participants are added to the Event after the reminder email has been sent, they will not receive a reminder email as the notification is sent once (based on the Days Out to Remind value) to the Participants registered at the time of notification.

Event Fields

see Creating Events > Event Fields > Notification Settings

Other Notes
  • If the Registrant is assigned to Default Contact, the reminder will not be sent.
  • If the Registrant has a status other than "02 Registered", the reminder will not be sent.
  • For the [Group_Assignment] token, the Group information that is merged is from the Group that corresponds to the Group Participant record indicated on the Event Participant record.  
  • If set to "Send to Heads", the reminder will be sent to Heads even if the Registrant does not have an email address on their Contact record. If not used in conjunction with [Group_Assignment] token, the reminder will go to registrant and heads with valid email addresses.
  • "Send to Heads" with the [Group_Assignment] token will allow you to send Parents one email listing household registered group assignments related to an Event (i.e. VBS, Missions). The reminder will not go out to the registrant.
  • The reminder is only sent for Events that are current or in the future but not the past.
  • The Days Out calculation is based on the Event Start Date. When your church's notifications are scheduled to run, the Date on the server is compared to the Event Start Date minus the Days Out to Remind. Reminders are only sent if these match.
  • This runs once during your nightly routine, so it must have at least 1-day lead-time to run.
  • If the Days Out value is changed to a lower value after a reminder has already been sent by the routine, another reminder will be sent.
Please Note: Message templates are not supported through notifications at this time. 

Last Modified: 9/23/2019

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