Group Attendance Notification

This notification has two parts:

  1. Create missing Events for Groups that meet weekly (optional)
  2. Send an email to Primary Contacts to take attendance

This notification works best for those Groups that meet weekly and are assigned to one Event as the only Group for that Event. Typically these are Groups that do not meet on Sundays.

  • Frequency: Daily
  • Recipients: Group Primary Contact where the group met the previous day, attendance has not been posted, and the Group meets the Eligibility Criteria listed below. The routine looks back at Group meetings which occurred within the past 24 hours.
  • From/Reply To: The Message Template that is in the Configuration Setting for SERVICES, AttendanceNotificationMessageID 
  • Contents: A list of events for which the person needs to post attendance. Each event has an auto-login URL to the Portal or MobileTools where attendance can be posted.
  • How to Stop:  Set Group Attendance Notification to "False" for the Group.  Set the Message setting (see below) to 0.
  • Method for sending: Platform.
  • Logging in Messages: None
  • Configuration Settings:
  • Merge fields supported: [Nickname], [Event_Group_Listing]
  • Initial Configuration: Make sure the "My Groups" is available on your portal skin if you plan to send a link back to it (if using MobileTools, this is not a requirement). Set desired Groups to Send Attendance Notification = True.
  • Optional Configuration: Modify the message to suit.
  • Notes: The As Needed(No set schedule) frequency tells the routine to ignore adding an Event (to be done manually) but do want the Attendance Notification to go to the Groups Primary Contact who has a valid email address but no attendance taken 24 hours after the Event Start Date. Duration field must match on the Event and the Group for this to go out. Groups that have a blank Meeting Frequency will be treated as an "Every Week" Frequency for this routine. Valid frequency IDs include:
    • 1 - Every Week
    • 2 - Every Other Week
    • 3 - 1st and 3rd Weeks
    • 4 - 2nd and 4th Weeks
    • 5 - 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Weeks
    • 6 - 4th Week
    • 7 - 1st Week
    • 8 - 2nd Week
    • 9 - 3rd Week
    • 10 - As Needed (No set schedule)

Eligibility Criteria

Creating Events & Sending Notification

The Group Attendance Notification will trigger for any Groups that meet all of the following Configuration Setting, Event, and Group criteria:

Configuration Settings: Confirm the configuration settings listed above have valid Values.

Event Record:*

  • All Group record criteria related to Events (below) are met
  • Attendance has not been posted
  • Cancelled field is False
  • Event Room & Groups record connects the Group to the Event

*Note: At least one current Event for the Group should be exist if you want future Events to be created with the same settings (Type, Program, Time, Duration). If such an Event doesn't exist, one will be created using the Default Event Program in your Configuration Settings (see above). Events will be created up to seven days prior to the Group meeting day/time. The Event will be created with the Group's Primary Contact as the Primary Contact of the Event. The Event will be created using the Group Name in the Title.

Group Record:

  • Meeting Day was yesterday and matches the Event's Event Title and Event Start Date
  • End Date is null or has a future date
  • Meeting Time matches the Event Title and Event Start Time
  • Send Attendance Notification is True
  • Meeting Frequency equals the difference in the Event Start Dates (from last Event in the system to when to create the next Event, and it is less than 7 days)
  • Meeting Duration matches the time difference between the Event Start Time and Event End Time
  • Group Name matches the Event Title
  • Congregation matches the Event Congregation
  • Primary Contact matches the Event Primary Contact, and the Primary contact has a Portal User Account.

Send Notification Only

To send the Group Attendance notification to the Primary Contact but prevent Events from being created, Groups and Events must meet the criteria listed above in the "Creating Events & Sending Notification" section but set the Group Frequency on Group record to As Needed (No set schedule).


Unexpected Events Created 

If it seems extra Event records are being created, check the following.

Frequency: See if new Frequencies are in your system in addition to the defaults (IDs 1-10) or the defaults have been changed in any way. If the Frequency is not Every Week or if any meeting information changes (day, time, frequency, etc), then make sure one Event is created with attendance within the last 7-14 days. This will also make sure any new changes to Day or Time are picked up by the system if any were made to a group recently that is already using this routine.

  • Remember there are three parts to this Notification:
    • Future Events are created (for the next 7 days, excluding today)
    • Events are linked to Groups via Room Reservation record
    • Group Leaders are emailed if they didn't post attendance in the last 24 hrs

Primary Contact: Check that the Group Primary Contact and Event Primary Contact are the same. The Event Primary Contact is automatically set as the user who creates the meeting event through the portal. If this user is different from the Group Primary Contact (for instance, a co-leader not listed in the Group record) the routine will not recognize the event and will create a duplicate event.

Which Groups are Receiving Notification

Use the Attendance Notification Groups View on the Groups page to see Groups receiving the notification with a current or future Event for that Group and helpful fields to assist with determining why a Group is or is not receiving the nightly Attendance Notification. If the notification is not going out, verify both Group and Event settings match like Time, Day, Duration and there is an Event Group record to link the specific Group to the specific Event. Once Check In Suite is completely out, you will also need the Group on the Room Reservation page (instead of an Event Group) for this routine to work (coming out in Report & Database Update scheduled for February 2019).

Please Note: Message templates are not supported through Notifications at this time. 

Last Modified: 2/18/2020

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