User Task Notification

We strongly discourage turning off this notification. The Task Notification email is an essential part of using MinistryPlatform. It is a critical step to ensure that Tasks are being seen, addressed and completed in a timely manner to keep your ministry moving!

This Notification sends emails to Users who have outstanding Tasks.

  • Frequency: Daily
  • Recipients: Any secured user with outstanding tasks.
  • From/Reply To: Your DBMail account email.
  • Contents: A list of open tasks (current and past) for that user with a link to the task or record associated with the task. (Tasks without dates will not be included as without dates they are not considered outstanding.)
  • How to stop:  Set the configuration setting below to 0.
  • Method for sending: DBMail
  • Logging in Messages: None
  • Configuration Settings:
  • Merge fields supported: [Nickname], [Task List], [BaseURL]
  • Initial Configuration: None
  • Optional Configuration: Modify the message to suit


Any person with a user role and an incomplete task will get these emails. If you have just given volunteers a role, they may get old tasks sent to them via this process. To correct this, do the following: 

  • Go to the User Tasks page
  • Select the outstanding SUBMIT tasks for the appropriate users
  • Assign them all to Completed=Yes
Please Note: Message templates are not supported through notifications at this time. 



Last Modified: 7/23/2019

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