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MinistryPlatform is flexible, and there are several different ways to approach a topic. Here are examples of how some churches in our community handle this topic. Adapt MinistryPlatform's functionality and these ideas to fit your ministry context.

User Rights & Training

When an MP User Leaves

Areas of Ministry Platform to review when an employee leaves include:

  • Processes
  • View Notifications
  • Security Roles
  • Staff Groups
  • Personal Views
  • Review the Contact Person for:
    • Events
    • Groups
    • Ministries
    • Programs
    • Congregations
    • Opportunities
    • Event Services

Consider whether these items should be assigned to a new employee if someone will be assuming the position.

New User

Some tips and tricks used by churches for training new users.

Train the Trainer Model: This model entails training one or two representatives from each ministry area who in turn, train the other users within their area. This alleviates the responsibility on one person to train all new users, and also provides each ministry area with a knowledgeable MinistryPlatform user in their area to answer questions and provide support.

Clarifying with Manager: It can be helpful to clarify with the new user's manager exactly how they'll be using MinistryPlatform. This way you can tailor your training to their needs and cover the topics they'll need to utilize the most. Methods can include speaking with the manager directly or a form that can be submitted online.

Continuing Training

Below are a few types of ongoing training sessions that churches have found useful for keeping current users informed and expanding their knowledge of MinistryPlatform.

Quarterly Sessions: A two-hour session offered quarterly that covers the basics, and can be used either as a refresher course or as a supplement to new user training.

Lunch & Learn: A 30-45 minute session offered monthly during the lunch hour that provides more in-depth information on specific topics and new releases.

MP Hours: An informal, help desk format offered a couple times a week that allows users to drop by with questions and receive the support they need on the spot.

Topic Specific: An hour to hour-and-half session held on an as-needed basis, and are ideal for a deeper dive into specific MinistryPlatform features or tools.



Last Modified: 5/30/2020

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