Focus Missions Integration

Focus Missions Integration
  • Thursday, November 16, 2017, at 3 pm EST
  • Jared Romano & Megan Christianson
  • Come learn about our exciting new integration with Focus Missions for managing missions trips from start to finish!

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Other FAQ

A few other clarifications for questions that arose in the webinar that are not outlined in the Focus Missions Integration FAQ document:

  • Donations for trips entered in MinistryPlatform (via the BMT, Portal, other online giving solution, etc.) will eventually be pulled/updated into Focus Missions. However, this is currently not part of the integration. Currently, Donations are only pulled from Focus Missions into MinistryPlatform.
  • Programs should first be created in MinistryPlatform before setting up a trip in Focus Missions.
  • Forms are not in the scope of the integration. So, questions collected during registration in Focus Missions are not created in MinistryPlatofrm as Form Answers.
  • Transferring funds between trips or participants in Focus Missions will eventually be updated in MinistryPlatform. However, that is currently not part of the integration. Currently, these changes in Focus Missions will also need to be made in MinistryPlatform.
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