Read Only Pages

A "Read Only Page" is a page based on a SQL Server Database View. Read Only Pages can be a powerful and effective way to pull various, dynamic, summary data points from around the database into a single customized record.

Read Only Pages: An Introduction
  • Thursday, February 27, at 3 pm ET
  • Kevin McCord & Megan Christianson
  • In this first installment, join us to learn: What are Read Only Pages? When would you use them? What are their limitations? How do you manage them?

Read Only Pages: In Depth
  • Thursday, March 5, at 3 pm ET
  • Dan Eames & Megan Christianson
  • In this second installment, join us to learn: How do you build a Read Only page? How do you edit one? How do you add Charts? How would you add Sub-pages?

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Last Modified: 3/10/2020

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