At Think Ministry, we love our MinistryPlatform community! The goal of these Spotlight articles is to equip and encourage you as you champion MP at your church!

Real People Who Care

Real People // Helping People // Who Care

Report & Database Enhancements

Reports // Routines // Notifications // Processes // Miscellaneous

MPUG 2017 Highlights

Stats // Announcements // Awards // Resources // Next Year

In the Know

Changes in your team // Changes in your system // Changes in your infrastructure

Investing in the KB

New Sections // New Articles // Feedback // Videos

A Year In Review

Spotlight // Community Stats // Development Highlights // New Batch Manager Tool // Enhancements "in the works"

Training your Team on MP

General // New Team Members // Ongoing Training // Resources // Community Suggestions


Last Modified: 5/30/2019

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