Check In Suite - December 2018

Don't miss the new Security Summary Label option to reduce excess labels for large families! 


  • *New* Manually reset the cache after changes to Events, Groups, Configuration Settings etc. for the change to take effect immediately. 
  • Fixed an issue where Machine Name was not retained between browser sessions. It will now be retained until cache is cleared. 

Check In Kiosk

Search Results
  • *New* Added a 3-tier field "Search Results" to Event Record which dictates both enabling/disabling and showing/hiding Guests.
  • Deprecated the field "Prohibit Guests". (This field is still used by Check-In 2.)
  • Enhanced search results to display all Households to which a Participant belongs. Their Primary Household will be displayed first, followed by Other Households
  • Enhanced Households to sort by Household Position, then Age (if known) and lastly Alphabetically. 
  • Enhanced Attended Mode to facilitate check-in for the duration of the Event. Unattended Mode continues to close check-in at the time specified by the Event field "Late Check-in Period". 
  • Fixed an issue where Cancelled Event Participants were able to check themselves in. 
  • Fixed an issue where Events with no Registrants and no associated Groups were not included in search results. 
  • Fixed an issue where periods were not accepted in the search bar prohibiting a search for names such as St. James. 
  • Fixed an issue where up/down navigation buttons in search results were unresponsive on a touch-screen device preventing a user from scrolling through all family members. 
  • Fixed an issue where the on-screen keyboard did not support lower case. It now supports both lower and upper case with lower being the default. 
  • Fixed an issue where some family members were listed as Guests for Events where they should have been Expected. A Household will now display up to 100 rows for Expected Participants. 
Important! The changes above have a significant impact on the configuration of new Events. Events already created in your system have been migrated from the Prohibit Guest configuration you chose, to the most closely related Search Results option. Learn more here
  • Enhanced the Print Settings dialog to better clarify and organize available options. 
  • Enhanced the Kiosk Settings dialog to remove the option "Always show family in search results". This is now dictated by the new Event field "Search Results" (see above). 
  • Fixed an issue where launching Checkin via an Auto URL would sometimes place the on-screen keyboard over or above the search bar. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Auto URL was expiring nightly under some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where mis-configured AutoLoginPassword and AutoLoginUsername Configuration Settings displayed an error message referencing deprecated Configuration Settings Code CHECKIN. The error message now indicates the correct Configuration Settings Code, CIM.
Important! As a result of this update, you will be required to update your Auto URL.
Add/Edit Family

Classroom Manager

  • *New* Column headers now facilitate sorting by Last, First, Group, or Role. 
  • *New* The detail dialog now shows the date a Participant last attended the Group in which they are currently checked-in.
  • *New* The time of check-in is now displayed per Participant. If that Participant is marked as "Present", the timestamp will be refreshed. 
  • Enhanced the text message option to create a Contact Log entry for the recipient in the Platform. 

Admin Console

Label Sets
  • *New* A Security Summary Label may now be toggled on for any Label Set reducing the number of tags a Head of Household will receive. 
  • *New* Label Sets can now be clustered by Group Mapping in addition to clustering by Group Role Type.
  • *New* Label Sets now include at-a-glance information found by clicking on the "i" icon. Clicking will reveal information opposite to the current view (e.g. when viewing By Group this will display Group Role Type information). 
  • *New* The Care Note Prompt may now be configured per Theme in the Admin Console
  • *New* Tokens "Nickname" and "Room Number" are now available for Label Sets
  • *New* Labels Sets now include a history of changes (audit log). History will not be included during export. 
  • Enhanced the Map to Group Dialog in Label Sets to include a search function.
  • Fixed an issue in Label Sets where End-Dated Groups were still available for mapping
  • Fixed an issue in Label Sets where Attribute Icons would only print when the Contact Attribute record included a Note.
  • Fixed an issue in Label Sets where the Attribute Name token rendered correctly in the label preview but printed as the Contact ID. 
Group Room Overview
Kiosk Themes
  • Fixed an issue in Themes where special characters such as é and á were not accepted in the Sub-Header field. 

Rooms + Groups Tool

  • *New* Filter Rooms by Location to limit the results. 
  • Enhanced the Event search to look at all future Events. Similar to the grid view in the Platform, scrolling through Events will display up to 1,000 records. 
  • Enhanced Groups to be listed alphabetically and include a search function to locate desired Group more quickly. 
  • Enhanced Rooms to be listed alphabetically and include a search function to locate desired Room more quickly. 


  • Enhanced page title displayed in browser tabs to indicate the current section (e.g. Admin Console or Classroom Manager).
  • Enhanced the Audit Log in the Platform to display the currently logged-in user for scenarios where Checkin changes are recorded in the Platform (e.g. manually closing a Room from the Admin Console). 
  • Fixed an issue where the Configuration Setting CIM, GuestOfFamilyHHPositionID was missing from some systems. 

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Last Modified: 12/10/2018

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