Configuring Classroom Manager

As of August 31, 2019, we will officially no longer support either Check-In 2 or (standalone) Classroom Manager. They have both been replaced by Check In Suite! If you haven't made the transition yet, we have created a sample transition plan here to help. If you have any questions, need any help making the transition, or feel something is preventing you from making the transition, please don't hesitate to contact Support.

Configuration Settings

The following Configuration Settings are edited in MinistryPlatform by going to Administration > Configuration Settings.:

  • CLASSROOM,AuthorizedRoleID: The ID of the security role that has permission to authenticate from the Classroom Manager application.
    • Only users in this security role can authenticate.
  • CLASSROOM,FrontDeskSMSNumber: The phone number that receives SMS text messages when the Call Front Desk button is pushed by a teacher. This requires custom development as explained here.
  • CLASSROOM,HideCallParents: If yes, the Call Parents function is disabled, preventing teachers from sending an SMS message to a parent.
  • CLASSROOM,ClassroomRoomUsageID: The ID value of the Room Usage Type used to identify rooms that are available to Classroom Manager.

Configuring Groups

The following can be accomplished from the open Group record in MinistryPlatform:

  • Edit one or more Groups, setting On Classroom Manager to Yes in order for those Groups to display in the list of Groups on the Classroom Manager Configuration page.
  • Associate the Group with one or more Programs that host events where the Classroom Manager is used.
  • Associate the Group with one or more Events where Classroom Manager is used.
  • Optional: Associate the Group with one or more Rooms that the Group is allowed to check into.

Configuring Events

  • Create Event(s) with the correct dates and times.
  • Ensure the Event is associated with the correct Program.
  • Add any Groups to the Event that leverage Classroom Manager.
  • Ensure the Events have Allow Check-in set to Yes.

Configuring Workstations

  • Classroom Manager can be run on an iPad or a workstation that has the same minimum requirements as Check-in.
  • When logging in, choose Remember Me if you would like to bypass the login screen in future sessions.
  • When selecting Groups, choose Remember Selection to preserve your selection in future sessions:
    • If you choose both Remember Me and Remember Selection, you are immediately directed to the main dashboard.

Configuring Rooms

  • In MinistryPlatform, go to Facilities > Rooms.
  • Change the Room Usage Type to Classroom Manager for each Room you wish to be available in Classroom Manager:
    • If you don't see this value, contact Support for assistance.


Note: Classroom Manager was designed to work on any major browser with iPads and tablets in mind.

Last Modified: 8/8/2018

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