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Q1: What do I do if I can't find my new page in MinistryPlatform?
Consider the following:
  • Have you assigned edit rights or better to one of your security roles for that page?  
  • is it a System Table/Page only available in the Setup area? 
  • Have you already placed it within a Page Section? 
  • Have you tried CTRL+F5?
  • Have you tried logging out and back into MinistryPlatform?
Q2: What do I do if my new page doesn't show any column headers?
Consider the following:
  • Have you cleared your browser's cache?
  • Have you tried simplifying your default field list in the setup area so it contains only one field that is directly on your new page/table. 
Q3: What should I do if I get an error when I try to "Clear Cache"?
Consider the following:
  • Make sure you have properly designated whether this page is a system table or not.
  • If it is not a system table it must have a Domain_ID field
  • Make sure you have a value in the selected record expression.  Initially, this value should be a field directly on your table (not an "_Table" Foreign Key.  After your page is working you can change the selected record expression to a value on a foreign key table if desired.
Q4: What should I do if I can't add records to my new page?
Make sure you have made the Primary Key of the table an Integer value and that Identity Insert is set to yes with identity seed and identity increment of 1. Make sure you have a non-nullable Domain_ID Int on your table.  It does not need to be related to dp_Domains
Q5: What should I do when I can't see the column on the page grid for my new page?
Consider the following:
  • Try to "Clear Cache". One of your new foreign keys may not yet be known to MinistryPlatform.
  • Simplify your default field list to where it is just one column from one field on the table itself (not a foreign key table).
Q6: How do I get a little Calendar or Gantt Chart button to appear on my page?
Make certain you have a field name from your table or a foreign key table that is type datetime in the Start Date Field of the page record. The End Date Field is optional.
Q7: How is the Image File used?
This is a deprecated field. You can associate an icon with your page by naming an image file by the name of the database table and putting it in the correct directory on your IIS server
Q8: What is the Contact_ID_Field?
The field name on the table itself or on a foreign key table that is a Foreign Key to a Contact. If populated correctly, this value allows many existing reports as well as specific Core Tools to be deployed to this page and used immediately.
Q9: Can I edit how my page values appear in Lookup fields?
Yes, the value that appears in a Lookup field is determined by the Selected Record Expression field on the Pages page in the Set-up area.This is otherwise known as the "friendly name" that appears in the drop-down box that a user uses to interact with the data. Here is an example of how this is helpful from one of our churches:

We use MinistryPlatform for room reservations. We have specific room numbers and we have room names which are more generic. For example, room 312, 313 and 314 are all named "Classroom" which is fine when picking a room because you can search by the room number but once you pick the record the default behavior is to display the room name of Classroom which doesn't really tell you which classroom you have. There is a field in the page setup record called "Selected Record Expression" which determines what is displayed after you pick a value for a lookup field. The default for the rooms page is Rooms.Room_Name. We changed it to Rooms.Room_Number + ' – ' + Rooms.Room_Name and now the selected record for a room displays the room number and room name together in a nice readable format (i.e. "312 – Classroom" instead of "Classroom").
Q10: Can I change the Display Name to something we like better?
Yes, but please keep in mind the following:
  • If you change what the GUI shows, it may cause confusion for users who email support as they may not necessarily be aware of the new names and only reference the standard ones in their responses.
  • It may also cause slight confusion for your staff as they are reading knowledge base articles, as those only ever reference the standard naming.
  • Do not change the underlying object names, as this affects views and reports.
  • Changing the Display Name changes what appears in the navigation and the quick add options.
Q11: Where does the field Display Name show throughout the system?
The label for a foreign key comes from Singular Name which you can edit. So a page can be modified to have a "friendlier" name if desired. (please note the above concerns before doing this).
Q12: Where does the label for a foreign key come from?
The label for the foreign key comes from Singular Name which can be edited.
Q13: I created a filtered page for a certain project and no longer need it (or don't need it again until next year/next campaign/etc.). What is the best way to remove or hide this page?
If you are going to use the page again with or without modifications in the future, the best way to "hide" it is simply to remove all permissions to the page from any Security Roles.
Q14: What if I get an error when I try to save a record on my filtered page?
If the record you are trying to save, no longer matches the filtered page criteria, you may get an error. Try opening the record on the original page and saving your change.
Q15: What should I consider before creating a required (non-nullable) field to an existing page?
Ensure that all pre-existing records contain a value in the field you are editing. Specify a default value to be used if another application creates the record. 
Q16: Why are the jump links taking users to my filtered page?
Ensure that the filtered page has a filter in the Filter Clause field. 
Q17: How can I add a Section Header to my page?
You add the Section Header via the SQL table using field type of "DP_Seperator"
Q18: How can I add Tool Tips to my fields?
Tool tips come from the field "Description" on the field in the SQL table. 
Q19: I've created my custom Pages and Page Section, but do not see them in the Security Roles area to assign to a new role and/or user.  What do I need to do in order to see them appear under the Security Roles section? 
Your custom tables probably lack a domain_id (int) required field that is an FK to dp_domains.domain_id.  It is this value that puts the table in the security scope.  Without it, the table is a system table visible only to setup admins.

Last Modified: 1/17/2020

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