Working with Programs (Ministry Efforts)


  • Programs are the ongoing ministry efforts of your ministry departments. They are the things your ministry departments budget for. For example:
    • Weekly worship services at a specific campus,
    • Short-term mission trips.
  • Every Program must be assigned to a Ministry (department) and a Congregation (campus). You need one Program for every possible pairing of Congregation (campus) and Ministry (department) that use a particular account number. While you do not need to create all possible Programs, you need to create all Programs that reflect ways people can give to particular things that must be tracked at a campus/department basis.
  • The list of Programs may change from time to time based on the activities of your ministries. 
  • You can have a Program that allows people to give at any campus to something that is global in nature. For example, if you are doing mission trips, one mission trip Program is sufficient for all campuses, and events would distinguish the trip with a project. If you had multiple mission trip accounts, you would have to have multiple Programs, but not one per campus.


Functions of Programs

  • Programs organize your Events and Opportunities. Each Event and Opportunity must be assigned to a Program, which is what indicates the Ministry department that is responsible for the Event.
  • Programs are what Donations are distributed to. In this sense, a Program is like a fund, designation or a purpose code.
  • Programs can be used with Milestones and Feedback. When someone makes a faith decision or submits a prayer request, you can identify the Program they were attending when this happened.

In summary, a Program is the thing we look at to answer questions like:

  • What happened last weekend in the worship service?
  • What happened last week in the student ministry weeknight activity?


Single Campus Church - the Worship Ministry Department operates 3 Programs:
  • Choir & Orchestra Activities
  • Guest Artist Concerts
  • Plays & Pageants

Multi-Site Church - the Church Leadership Ministry Department oversees a Program called Worship Services at each campus.

  • Main Campus Worship Services
  • East Campus Worship Services<
  • Downtown Campus Worship Services
  • Spanish Worship Services (also happen at main campus, but overseen by the Spanish Ministry)
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