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  • Public pages of the Portal do not require a User account or authentication (log in) prior to use.
  • These pages are designed for quick use to ensure visitors to your website have no barriers to using the pages.
  • Logging in may streamline the process by completing some form fields automatically, but this is not a required step for public pages.
  • Public pages can be configured to make it a secure page that requires users to log in. With the exception of Events, this choice is all or nothing for a given page (e.g., you can make Group Finder a secure page, and this choice requires login for any person trying to sign up for any Group). A SPoC can request this from support.

Video Topics: Portal Overview

0:20 - Event Calendar
2:00 - Online Giving
3:07 - Mission Trip Giving
4:12 - Group Finder
5:16 - Opportunity Finder

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Last Modified: 2/28/2019

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