Portal July 2013

  • Introduced a basic authentication option for your church's SMTP server. Anonymous and Basic Authentication are supported.
  • The majority of the Portal's configuration settings have been moved from web.config into the MP database.
User Account Creation and Authentication
  • New Users will be asked to choose a username when creating a new account.
  • Churches can choose to disable URLs that authenticate the user automatically.
  • Users who forget their password will be e-mailed a new password upon providing their e-mail address. They will be required to update their password before they can log in.
Checkout Process
  • Summary invoice table's text label for the "amount due" can be configured separately from the invoice table provided post-payment.
    • CartSummaryAmountDueText (Default: Amount Due)
    • CartSummaryAmountPaidText (Default: Amount Paid)
Event Registration Process
  • event_calendar.aspx: "Featured Events" can now be filtered on the calendar. Churches can identify featured events via a new field on the Event record.
  • event_calendar.aspx: Date navigation arrows now work correctly from one year (December) to the next (January).
  • event_calendar.aspx: While using the list view, an "all months" option is available to allow a user to see all events for the year.
  • event_calendar.aspx: Users can choose to display only events with available opportunities to serve.
  • event_detail.aspx: If Opportunities are linked to an event, a "volunteer" button will be displayed. This will redirect them to the Opportunity Finder where they can review specific opportunities related to the event.
  • event_signup.aspx: "Registrant" is replaced with "Attendee".
Group Finder
  • Groups belonging to a designated Global/Churchwide Congregation will now be visible regardless of the Congregation filter.
  • A new field on the Group Type record will allow you to show groups from any number of Group Types on the Group Finder.
Mission Trip Giving
  • Fixed: When a user writes an unusually lengthy note it will no longer prevent the Donation Distribution from being saved.
Mission Trip Registration
  • Authenticated users with no Country Code on their address no longer receive a runtime error when accessing this page.
My Calls
  • Call Detail now shows the specific call type.
  • The note for the currently viewed Contact Log record is now displayed.
  • The address of the person being called is displayed and links to Google Maps.
  • Additional household/group information can be reviewed on the call detail.
  • Users can now collapse viewed call notes with the + / - controls.
  • Users can now decline calls that have been assigned to them. If a call is declined, the manager responsible for the associated planned contact will be e-mailed.
  • Fixed a bug where call details were not saved when the notes field was empty.
  • Users can now specify the specific Contact Log Type being made.
  • Repositioned the "cancel" button for consistency across other Portal pages.
  • New Feature: Users can now assign a Planned Contact record to a specific Group. If this is done, only active participants in that Group (and with the MyCalls Security Role) will be able to see calls with the related Planned Contact.
My Events
  • Users can specify which month should be viewed as default from the URL (example: my_events.aspx?filter=month:7).
My Giving
  • Item Number has been added to the My Giving grid.
  • Check Images are now available for display on the Portal. Contact your SPoC to enable this feature.
  • The 'currency' and 'status' fields can be hidden via configuration settings. Contact your SPoC to enable this feature.
  • Improved navigation with the datepicker.
My Group Detail
  • Fixed an error that could occur in saving a group record when no address is present.
  • "Send Group E-mail" will now honor line breaks.
My Purchase History
  • Fixed an issue that caused some invoices to display more than one time.
  • Users can now pay an invoice incrementally via the Portal.
My User Account
  • Phone numbers are now masked according to your phone mask configuration setting (typically 999-999-9999).
  • Fixed an issue where the DOB provided on the Portal would save incorrectly to MinistryPlatform.
  • Added notification when users try to upload non-image files as their default photo. 
  • Users can update their username.
Opportunity Finder/Detail
  • New filter allows a user to view Opportunities relating to a specific event.
  • Opportunities now support Custom Forms.
  • Handled an error that resulted from a user typing an unusually lengthy note.
My Contribution Statement
  • Online Sort Order has been added to the Accounting Companies page. Churches can now define the sort order of their Accounting Companies.
  • [Statement_Logo] is no longer displayed if no image is attached to the active Accounting Company record.
  • Churches can hide the Currency column via a new configuration value. Contact your SPoC to request this change.
  • Churches can choose how much detail to show in the description column. Contact your SPoC to request this change.
    • Statement Header (default and current behavior)
    • Statement Title
    • Detail (If the gift is linked to an event or mission trip participant, this detail will display. Otherwise it shows the Statement Title)



Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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