Portal - August/September 2014



  • Authenticated users can opt to "Go Paperless" by selecting "Get Statement Online" when viewing their Contribution Statement.  Selecting this option will set the donor's Statement Method to the value set in the new configuration setting titled "OnlineStatementMethodID". The default value is 2 (Online). 
  • Specific columns can be hidden from the online contribution statement using a new portal configuration setting titled "OnlineStatementHideColumns"
  • An encrypted URL will be sent via email to anyone who creates a new account or goes through the Reset Account (formerly Forgot Password) process. This URL will allow them to authenticate and change their password.  It will expire after a church-defined number of hours. The initial value is 24 hours. Change this by setting a different integer value in the new portal configuration setting titled "URLExpireAfterHours".
  • The "cancel" button can be hidden from the My Pledges page.  Set the Portal configuration setting titled AllowCancelPledges to False. If this is done guests cannot cancel their pledge to a campaign without contacting the church office.
  • A notification will be sent to a church-defined email if someone is attempting to create a user account on the portal and cannot. That email address can be added in the new Portal configuration setting titled "FailedAccountEmailTo".
  • The Portal will generate an email when someone signs up for a group using the "sign up" button on the Group Finder. The email will be sent to the Contact Person for the Group. A new configuration setting titled "GroupFromEmail" allows the church to define the "From" email address used by this new email.


Email Template Changes (Located in your Portal's Resources directory)

  • Please review and edit the HTML in the following templates which must be changed with this release to reflect your churches design and content preferences.
  • Reset_Password_Email.htm (updated)
  • New_User_Email.htm (updated)
  • New_User_Failed.htm (new)
  • Group_Signup.htm (new)
  • Update_User_Email.htm (updated)



  • The Contribution Statement's "Save as PDF" option has been updated.  The new PDF Generator is better at rendering the on-screen statement.  Be sure to review your online statement after this update.
  • Forgot Password is now called "Reset Account".
  • The Create Account form is now accessed by clicking "Create Account" button from the login page.  Previously this form was on the same page as the login screen.
  • Heads of Household can now update User Names and Passwords for other family members from the My User Account page.
  • Events created from the My Groups pages are set to "ignore program groups" by default.
  • Various fields related to authentication and payment have been configured so that the browser will not try to remember values between visits.
  • Household Source will now be populated on the Household record created when someone creates a new account on the portal.  The ID value in a new Portal Configuration Setting will be used.
  • Added validation to the My Purchase History form associated with paying the balance due on an invoice.  The system will now warn users if the amount entered exceeds the amount owed.


Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an error that impacted a person's ability to use the "Forgot Password" (Now called Reset Account) if that person was in the database, but did not already have a user record.
  • Corrected an error preventing some users from changing their username from the My User Account page.
  • Added length validation to the comments field on the response form for an opportunity to serve.
  • Added length validation to the message field of the Group Finder's "Contact This Group" form.
  • Prevented an error if certain special characters were used when creating or updating a password on the portal.
  • Prevented an error if the "+" sign was used in a custom form field answer.
  • The application now strips "dashes" from credit card numbers typed into the Complete Transaction page.
  • Corrected an issue with URL Authentication when additional parameters were present.
  • Prevented an error if a user typed more than 50 characters in the phone number field of a custom form where contact information was required.
  • Prevented an error if a trailing dash was input by the end user into the Postal Code field of the My User Account page and the "Save Contact Record" button is clicked.
  • Prevented an error if an ampersand was input by the end user into the Email Address field of the My User Account page and the "Save Contact Record" button is clicked.

Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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