Ready-Made Solutions

The following applications and solutions are available upon request. Email Support to get started!

Cloud-Service Applications

Cloud Service Applications cost $25/month for any or all; installation is included. Future enhancements/updates and support are also included. The specific services you want can be configured upon request.

Snapshot Services

Snapshot Services will add historical data in monthly increments so the church can provide church analysis, charts, views, reports, etc. to church leaders over any reporting period (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, etc.). The monthly increments cannot be customized at this time.

Snapshot Services cost $25/month for any or all. installation includes:

  • Engagement Snapshot //  A historical log of what your Participants were doing individually by month in terms of giving, serving, group life and more.
  • Congregation Snapshot // A historical log of what was happening by week in your church, by Congregation.  Information is grouped by Event Type, Group Type, Ministry, Milestones, Giving Statement Headers, and more.
  • Donor Snapshot // A historical log of a Donor's direct and soft credit giving by month including comparison data for prior periods.

Stand-alone, Supported Applications

  • MobileTools // Included at no additional cost for churches at our current maintenance rate based on MinistryPlatform edition. Otherwise, can be added upon request. Email Support for a church-specific estimate.
  • Background Check Tool // Integrated with Secure Search and Protect My Ministry. Installation is free. See Background Check Integregation for setup details. 
  • ICL File in x9.37 Format // A custom ICL file in x9.37 format can be configured for exporting Batches from the Batch Manager Tool to your bank accounts. Basic price is $350 for one-time configuration and changes that do not require custom development (effective starting October 1, 2018).

Stand-alone, As-is Applications*

  • ACS Batch Import Tool // Provides 2 formats (4 or 5 column) for ACS Donation Import format and creates a Batch with Donations, including CSV to import into MP for credit to Donors. Basic price is $350 for one-time installation.
    • 4 Column – (EnvNum, AccountNumber, Account, ItemNum)
    • 5 Column – (EnvNum, Name, ItemNum, AccountNumber, Account)
  • Payment Export Tool // Export Payments from MP to Shelby (supports Shelby v5, GLTRN2000 formats). Basic price is $350 for one-time installation. (This tool operates essentially the same as the Export Deposit Tool, except is for Payments and launched from the Payments page.)

Custom Routines/Notifications/Reports*

  • Automatic Group Placement // Places Participants in Group Automatically when Group Inquiry field Placed is set to True. Price is $110 for one-time installation.
  • Automatic Publication Subscriptions // Subscribes Contacts to Publications based on Form responses. Price is $110 for one-time installation.
  • Red Flag Alert // This allows the green light to turn red on the Participant Page and Contact page for a specific person that is not allowed to serve in ministry or can be used for other reasons. Light will be displayed on views as well. Can be installed to change light on just one page or both pages. Basic price is $110.
    • Adds new Configuration Setting:  SERVICES > RedAlertUserID
    • Adds new Contact called:  Red Alert Notes
    • Adds new User called:  Red Alert Notes
    • Uses the Field on the Participants page: Red Flag Notes (text field). When info is in this field, the light will be red for that person.
  • Attendee Notification // This routine will send a custom message to anyone who attended an Event in the past 7 days. Attendees, Heads and Event Primary Contact must have a valid email address.  Basic price is $110. Contact Support to receive basic installation or request customization.
    • Adds new field to Events page: Attendee Message (lookup Message Template)
    • Adds new field to Event Participants page: Attendee Message Sent (Flag field)
    • Subject merge tokens: [Nickname] and [Event_Title]
    • Body merge tokens: [Nickname], [Event_Title], [Event_Start_Date], [Meeting Instructions], [Congregation_Name], [Location_Name],[Mobile_Phone], [Email_Address], [Notes]
    • Does not send attachments 
  • Recurring Gift Expiration // Pulls expired recurring gifts from the past 24 hours and sends an email to all heads of households or the donor, send email reminders for the past 10 days to all heads of households or the donor, and/or send thank you emails to all heads of households or the donor when they setup a recurring gift online. Contact Support to receive an estimate along with your business rules.
  • Grief Notifications // Daily reminder email sent to the Group Leaders of the Grief Care Groups to do a 3-mth, 6-mth, and 12-month grief follow-up. Contact Support to receive an estimate along with your business rules.
  • Faith Path Email Notifications // A page to manage all of the different customized emails for each Faith Path (age group) on their Birthday. Basic price is $110.  
  • Merge Duplicate Age or Grade Group Records // Merge age or grade group records where one person has more than one record in the same group or roles. Basic price is $110. Contact Support to receive basic installation or request customization.
  • Fix Statement Types/Methods // Update Spouse of Donor when Donor & Donor's Spouse have different Types or Methods to most recently changed Type or Method. Contact Support to receive an estimate along with your business rules.
  • Account Statement Report // Price is $110 for one-time installation specifically designed for schools or paid childcare services where a yearly statement is needed to send to Parents summarizing household payments for specific Tax Payer ID.
  • Front Porch Extensions // Price is $110 for one-time installation. Automatically adds Event Participant records to an Event the night after so they can be used in attendance.


*Note: As-is applications, custom routines/notifications, and custom reports typically have a fixed installation cost. Any research into issues with these items after installation will be billed at our normal professional services rate. Changes or customizations to these solutions will will billed at our normal professional services rate, require a quote, and are subject to availability. These solutions may be replaced with similar, supported solutions at a future date.

Application Deployment

  • Developer Tier for Deployments // Price is $350/month**
    • Receive updates applied to a beta system so applications are always up-to-date
      • Beta system updated with incubators
      • Production system updated at the end of the customer-wide deployment
    • Designed primarily for churches who have:
      • Extensive custom development leveraging MinistryPlatform API
      • An existing, fully functional, actively maintained Beta system meeting our minimum requirements (separate website, not a sandbox) 
      • Beta and Production system exist on the same server (we are willing to discuss exceptions) 
      • At least one full-time, on staff developer (the majority of custom development is not via a third party)
    • Includes:
      • Beta cloud instances for BatchManager and CloudTools, MPMobile 
      • Report updates for a separate instance of SSRS

**Cost is in addition to any additional fees to maintain the beta environment (e.g. SSL).‚Äč Not available for Shared Hosting churches.


Last Modified: 10/14/2019

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