Group Servant and Leader Service Notification

  • Frequency: Weekly, Wednesdays
  • Recipients: Group servants and leaders where the group is scheduled to serve in the next week. Send Service Notification must be True for the group.
  • Contents: A list of events for which the person may serve. Each event has a link to the portal's My Events page where attendance can be posted.
  • How to Stop: Set Group Attendance Notification to False. Set the configuration setting below to 0. If a single servant/leader does not wish this reminder, set their contact record to Bulk Email Opt Out = True.
  • Method for sending: DBMail
  • Logging in Messages: None
  • Configuration Settings:
  • Merge fields supported: [Nickname], [Upcoming_Service_Listing]
  • Initial Configuration: Set desired groups to Send Service Notification. Ensure groups are related to future events.
  • Optional Configuration: Modify the message to suit.
Please Note: Message templates are not supported through notifications at this time. 

Last Modified: 7/23/2019

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