Report & DB Updates: 2013 - October

Release Dates: October 3-5, 2013

New Features

  • Registration into multiple groups at multiple prices.
    • As of this report and database update, it is now possible to setup a product option group so that individuals registering online for your event can self-select into one or more groups. Their selection can impact registration price and their enrollment into the groups will be automatic.
    • This enhancement also works with the Add a Payment tool.
    • This enhancement is described in detail on our Knowledge Base.
    • This enhancement will be covered in our October Webinar.
  • New Process titled “Group Finder Sign-up” was created for the Group Participants page.
    • The process is inactive and will not impact your system unless you make it active.
    • The process was not installed on your system if your system already had a process associated with the Group Participants page.
    • When activated, this process will fire when someone uses the “Sign up” button on the group details page of the group finder. It will also fire when someone is added to a group with the Group Role that goes along with the Group Role ID value found in the “PendingGroupRoleID” configuration setting. 

Reporting Server Changes

  • Renamed the data source associated with MinistryPlatform RDL files (reports). This change has no visible impact to users.  

New Reports

  • Six New Donor Statement Formats were added to the Donors page*
    • Donor Stmt: 4 Column (the first 3 explicit statement headers + “Other”)
    • Donor Stmt: 4 Column Selected
    • Donor Stmt: 5 Column (the first 4 explicit statement headers + “Other”)
    • Donor Stmt: 5 Column Selected
    • Donor Stmt: 6 Colum (the first 5 explicit statement headers + “Other”)
    • Donor Stmt: 6 Column Selected
  • Selected Directory – 3 Column was added to over 30 pages. 
    NOTE: If your church is running SQL Server 2008 you must upgrade to SQL Server 2008 R2 or higher before we can deploy this report to your system.
  • Donation Summary Export* was added to the Households page
  • Donation Summary Export* Selected was added to the Households page

*Only those with Administrator or Stewardship Manager security role can use these reports.

Updated Reports

  • Campaign Pledge List:  Added the “beneficiary” field and improved the sort order.
  • Donor Dashboard: Optimized for speed and fixed the formatting of several tables.
  • Event Setup:  Added the ability to filter by building and room.  Changed the Event Type parameter to multi-select.  Added a parameter to provide a choice on how room names will print.
  • Find Donors Export: Added Envelope Number. Added a new parameter “Last HH Gift Before”
  • Find Donors: Added a new parameter “Last HH Gift Before”
  • Group Seasonal Summary:  Major formatting changes were applied. The group type parameter is now multi-select. A ministry parameter is now present. Additional tables were created summarizing the number of unique participants involved.
  • Groups Selected Roster Parent Info:  Allergies and pager numbers can now be printed.
  • Groups Selected Roster Plus Family: Months of age will now print for children less than 1 year old.  The report will now display groups without a parent group.
  • Selected Labels: Added an option to exclude contacts in households where bulk mail opt-out is set to “yes”.
  • Selected Labels – 1 Per Family: Added an option to exclude contacts in households where bulk mail opt-out is set to “yes”.
  • Selected Household Labels: Added an option to exclude households where bulk mail opt-out is set to “Yes”.
  • Mission Trip Donations: Formatting improvements. Added an option to exclude amounts from the trip participant pages.
  • Mission Trip Donors: Formatting improvements. Added a summary page.
  • Mission Trip Summary: Formatting improvements.
  • Selected Batch Notes: Option to exclude amounts.
  • Selected Group Birthday List: Performance improvements added an option to group those with a birthday into group and print a separate page for each group.
  • Selected Group Directory Photos: Uses thumbnail of photo to render faster to PDF. Honors directory preferences for contacts and households.

Metadata Changes (Pages, Sub-Pages, Page Views)

  • New System Lookup Page Value: Added a new option of “Internal/Scholarship.” To the Payment Types page in System Lookups.
  • Page Section (Navigation) Change: Moved the Currencies page under the System Lookups section
  • Page Section (Navigation) Change: Re-ordered pages in the Ministry & Groups page section
    • Moved "Ministries" and "Groups" and "Group Roles" up
    • Moved Congregation Down
  • Page Record Edit: Removed the Page View called “This Month” as the Pick List View of the Events page
  • Page Record Edit: Updated the selected record expression (Record Name) for the Addresses page.
  • Page Record Edit: Updated the selected record expression (Record Name) for the Deposits page from Deposits.Deposit_Date to Deposits.Deposit_Name
  • New Sub Page: A new sub-page listing “Programs” is now available under an open Statement Header record.
  • New Sub Page View: Created a new sub-page view for Groups of an open Program called “Current Groups” and made this the default view for that sub-page.
  • Sub Page Record Edit: Added two new columns to the Participants sub-page of an open Event record.  The columns are: Amount Due and Amount Paid.
  • Page View Edit: Updated a view on the Group_Participants page called  “checked in today” to correct an error which might cause people checked in on other days to appear.
  • General Metadata Change: Eliminated any redundant entries in Page Section Pages. This will have no visible impact to users.

Updated Nightly Routines

  • Duplicate Finder – This routine has been optimized to run faster and find more matches. Specifically, it will more consistently match up women with hyphenated last names.
  • Household Updates – This routine has been optimized to run faster.  It can now optionally set a default campus and household source.
  • Promote Weekly – This routine has been updated with a more precise “months of age” calculation based on a child’s birthday.

New Nightly Routines

  • Data Quality – This routine will perform several basic data clean-up operations at night.  These include:
    • Contacts.User_Account fixed if inconsistent with dp_Users.User_ID
    • Contacts.donor_record fixed if inconsistent with Donors.Donor_ID
    • Contacts.participant_record fixed if inconsistent with Participants.Participant_ID
    • Contacts.household_position_id = companyhouseholdpositionId if = 1
    • “Webuser” replaced with actual username when possible
    • Delete Donor Account records, not in use and assigned to the default contact.
    • Merge Duplicate Donor Account records associated with the same donor provided that donor is not the default contact

Database Optimization

  • Index added to the dp_Audit_Log table
  • Index added on Contact_Relationships.Contact_ID
  • Index added on Contact_Relationships.Related_Contact_ID

Database Triggers

  • New trigger: Added to Invoice_Detail which will add the registrant to a group if the invoice detail record is associated with a Product_Option_Prices record where Add_to_Group has a value. The trigger is called [dbo].[TR_InvoiceDetail_AddToGroup]

Stored Procedure Updates

  • Portal: Apply a fix where a user's DOB could potentially be returned with the incorrect date
  • Portal: Apply a fix where the Primary Contact of a parent group could not access any of the group-specific events from my_group_details.aspx.

General Database Changes

  • New Field: Product_Option_Prices.Add_to_Group
  • New Field: Form_Fields.Placement_Required is a new bit field to facilitate tracking when someone answers a question that should result in their placement in a group or event.
  • New Field: Form_Response_Answers.Placed to provide a way to track which answers had already been handled with a Transfer of Selections and addition of some other record like a group or event.
  • New Field: dp_Configuration_Settings._Warning to clarify the impact of configuration settings changes.
  • New Field: Domain_ID Added to dp_Communication_Publications to allow insert via the API.
  • New Constraint on Contacts.Date_of_Birth to prevent adding or updating a record with a future date of birth
  • Existing Field Updated: Deposits.Deposit_Name is now required
  • Existing Field Updated: Congregations.Accounting_Company_ID is now required
  • Existing Field Updated: Congregations.Pastor is now required
  • Existing Field Updated: Congregations.Contact_Person is now required
  • Existing Field Updated: Programs.Primary_Contact is now required
  • Deprecated Table Removed: “Program_Participants”

Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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