Report & DB Updates: 2014 - April

New Features & Enhancements

  • Group Management: The contact person of a group's Parent Group can now manage a group on the My Groups page of the Portal.

Reports Added

  • Deprecating View Restrictions: This report is added in preparation for MP2. It will generate a list of any security roles and users impacted by the upcoming change from view restrictions to filtered pages in MinistryPlatform2. This report will be discontinued once you are updated to MP2. A Think Ministry representative will run this report before your upgrade in May or June.
  • Selected Event Registrants Summary: Lists registrants of the event along with product purchase information and status.
  • Selected Group Attendance by Event Type: A report summarizing group member attendance including a filter on Event Type for those groups that attend more than one type of event and need attendance reported separately.

*Only users with either the “Administrator” or another relevant security roles can use these reports.

Reports Updated

  • Contacts Daily Birthday report: Fixed an issue with leap years in the data calculation.
  • Donation Listing Simple report: Added Middle Name and Suffix to the columns displayed.
  • Major Donors report: improved the date range criteria.
  • Selected Campaign Donor Summary (/Export) report: improved the date range criteria.
  • Selected Event Registrations report:
         The number of event participants is now being calculated correctly.
         The number of purchased items is now being calculated correctly.
  • Selected Form Responses report: Added a new option to "Print Instructions."
  • Selected Group Family Listing report: corrected an issue where state and mobile phone were being truncated.
  • Selected Group Directory Photo report: fixed the phone numbers to show after the correct phone type.
  • Selected Invoice Printout report: Preventing an issue in some databases without Project Code, fixed the calculation for invoice total and quantity of items.
  • Selected Mail Merge Family Detail report: Improved the sort order.
  • Selected Payment Listing report: corrected a typo.

Meta Data (Setup Area) Changes & Additions

  • All Invoice Detail: Additional columns were added to the "All Records" view. This is accomplished with an update to the Default Field List of the relevant Page record in system setup. The new columns should help with occasional management tasks when invoices needed to be researched and/or edited.
  • Alphabetized the sort order for the pages in the Lookup Values section.
  • Alphabetized the sort order for the pages in the System Lookup section
  • Descriptions added to Page Views:
         - Current Indiv. Household
         - Current Households
         - Current Company Household
  • Fixed a typo in the name of the "Rollscan Roster" report name.
  • A new relationship "step-sibling of" was added.
  • Invoice Printout report will no longer appear on the Events page, use Selected Invoice Printout instead.

Nightly Routines Added/Changed

  • New "Data Quality" task: Invoice_Detail.Recipient_Contact_ID will be updated nightly when it remains set to "default contact" and the associated Event Participant has been updated to a real contact.

Configuration Settings Added/Changed

  • OmitUnexpectedAttendees: In preparation for a future check-in update

General Database Changes/Additions

  • Contact Log Types is now a System Lookup Page in the Setup Area.
  • Donations.Receipt_Number field made standard across all churches. In use primarily in countries where an official receipt number is required.
  • Form_Response_Answers.Placed updated to accept null values to prevent a rare error.
  • A change was made to the stored procedures [dbo].[api_MPP_GetForm] so that custom forms with an instruction field will not cause an error when the instruction field is inadvertently marked as "required" by the user creating the form.
  • A change was made to the stored procedure [dbo].[api_MPP_GetInvoiceDetailData] to fix a math problem on the invoice detail page of the Portal's My Purchase History. The issue impacted products where the price was changed during the event.

Changes in Preparation for the MinistryPlatform 2 Update

  • The dp_Role_Tools table now has a Domain_ID value. This was added in preparation for the next MinistryPlatform update.
  • The dp_Files table now has a "Table_Name" field. This change is in preparation for Platform 2. Stored procedures that derive images now do so based on Table Name. A new, temporary scalar function will populate this computed field until a church is upgraded to Platform2 at which point the value will be set by the software each time an image is attached to a record. Affected stored procedures are listed below.
  • A change was made to the stored procedure [dbo].[ api_CoreTool_TransferSelection]. It no longer populates Page_Name in dp_Selections when creating a new selection. This field is deprecated.
  • A new method has been implemented to "derive selected contacts". This impacted many stored procedures in use by reports and tools that interact with a selection of contact records.
  • A change was made so any report referencing "BaseURL" configuration setting is now referencing "ImageURL" instead.

Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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