Getting Started

The Getting Started section is designed to provide the most important background and details for someone using the platform. We have trimmed down the complexity for easy consumption. If you are new to the Platform or need a refresher, this is the ideal resource for you!

If you need more information than what is provided here, much more can be found in the other sections of the Knowledge Base, organized by applications and teams. For an overview of these applications and teams, see our first resource below under Foundations — Key Concepts.

Foundations — Key Concepts

These are the key concepts everyone using the Platform must know. They are designed to be read in order, since each article assumes you have a working knowledge of the previous articles.

  1. One System, Many Parts — What are the different parts of MinistryPlatform?
  2. Logging In — How do I get started in the Platform?
  3. People Records — How does the database keep track of People?
  4. Pages & Actions — How is the Platform organized?
  5. Searching — How do I find what I'm looking for?

Application — Basic Tasks

This section builds on the key concepts to accomplish some tasks. This assumes you have an understanding of the Foundations above. They also are designed to be read in order.

  1. Contact Information — How do I find an email or phone number?
  2. Linked Records — How can I move around between related records?
  3. Editing Families — How do I update a family's contact information?
  4. Participation — How do I see a Contact's involvement in my church?
  5. Editing Records — How do I update values when they need to be changed?

The Next Level — More Skills

Note — This section and articles are currently under construction. Check back soon for exciting additions! 

This section adds some new concepts to what has come before. If you have a good handle on everything so far, why not take your platform skills to the next level?

  1. Selections — How do keep track of lists?
  2. Views — How can I search based on advanced criteria?
  3. Creating Records — How can I add new records to the database?
  4. Attaching Files — How can I attach a photo to a Contact or Household?
  5. Running Reports — How do I run a report for print or export?


  • Glossary — Common Terms and their definitions



Last Modified: 12/31/2019

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