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Big Idea
Big Idea

One of the primary concerns when using the platform is: How do I find phone numbers and email addresses?

The simple search method described below is the most direct approach. You may also want to review search by column if you would like more search options.

Method 1: Simple Search

To find basic Contact Information, start with something you know, such as the person's name.

  1. Go to the Contact Page
  2. Type your search into the search box (you can enter part of the text)
  3. Press [Enter]

For example, if you are looking for the phone number for Lane Sloan, you could enter the search value "Lane" or "Sloan" or "Sloan, Lane" (Last comma First).

Once you press [Enter], the list of Contacts in the grid will be filtered to match your search on any field. Notice in this case, addresses for Sloan Terrace were also returned:

In this case, searching "Sloan, Lane" (Last comma First) would return better results:

You can read values from the Contact grid, or click the record to open it. Scrolling down to Contact Methods hows the Email Address and Mobile Phone where you can select and copy the values if needed.

Method 2: Search By Column

This method more restrictive in two ways:

  • It only matches on the searched columns
  • It only matches values starting with the search term.

It is also more clear because each column has its own search value. 

In our example of "Sloan, Lane" you can break these two values out and search for Last Name and First Name independently:

To use this method, you must switch from simple search using the By Column button shown below. This button will toggle back and forth between simple search and by column:

This shows the search row with a search box for each column:

To find Lane Sloan, enter a value for each column. Since the Display Name starts with Last Name, it can be used for the Last Name. The Nickname field can also be used for First Names.:

Press [Enter] to execute the search.

An additional benefit of this method is the ability to also search by other fields, such as Email and Street Address.

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The third method is a combination of the first two. We recommend this approach if:

  • You thrive on shortcuts and life hacks.
  • You're the power user type.
  • You prefer a life of adventure over the status quo.

Additional Methods

Once you have mastered the basic techniques above, you may want to add additional skills.

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Last Modified: 12/31/2019

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