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Big Idea
Big Idea

The platform is organized using a Noun/Verb paradigm. 

  • A Noun is a person, place, or, thing. These are displayed in Pages. 
  • A Verb is an action. The actions you can perform are displayed as buttons. 


The Platform is made up of Pages which are accessed by the main menu. Each Page represents a table in your database. Pages are organized in Page Sections and can have Sub Pages.

Pages represent things that can be viewed and edited. You can think of them as Nouns.

The Main Menu

The main menu on the left provides access to specific Pages in the platform.

Think of this menu as a list of nouns — each Page represents one type of thing that you can record in your database. It's recommended that you familiarize yourself with what Pages are available to you, based on your Security Roles. The Pages in the menu vary based on the Security Roles for the logged in User.

Pages are organized in Sections: some pages can be clicked directly, while others require you to expand the Section to access its Pages (Sections are displayed as folders).


Action buttons are displayed on each Page and allow you to manipulate the data in the Page. Different Actions are available depending on your permissions and what state the Page is in. For example, if you are just viewing the Page as a list, you will see List Action buttons. If you are editing an item in the Page, you will see Edit Action buttons.

Sub Pages can also have Action buttons.

Actions represent actions you can apply to the things. You can think of these as Verbs.

The Main Toolbar

The toolbar is available toward the top of the Page and provides you with commands. 

Think of this toolbar as a list of verbs — each tool on the toolbar is an action you can take based on the records you have in the data grid. 

The tools vary based the Page and your Security Roles.


Zoom In
Zoom In

Below are additional details regarding the organization of the platform window.

This is a quick tour of the main parts of the interface using the Noun/Verb paradigm.
These are important concepts for anyone using the platform.

Nouns: The Data Grid

Depending which Page you have selected in the menu, the Data Grid will you show you a list of the records (nouns) for that Page. This grid shows the first 1000 items and may be filtered based on a predefined search (called a View).

Nouns: Predefined Filters (Views)

A View is a predefined filter which limits the items showing in the data grid. On the Contacts Page, the default View is All Individuals, which filters out Companies. Below, the View is being changed to Birthday Next Month.

Nouns: Selections

Some tools can affect all items in your database, but most can be limited by a Selection. 

Items may be selected or deselected using the Selection Column which displays a checkbox for each row. In the example below, Neal and Eileen Downe are both selected.

Verbs: Applying to a Selection

Export is an example of a tool that can be applied to  Selection:

Many Reports may also be limited to a Selection. Reports with Selected in the name are used in this way:

Nouns: Open Record

Each row in the Data Grid represents one record in your database and can be opened to view or edit (depending on your Security Roles). Hovering over a row highlights the row, and clicking the row opens the record.

Here is an open record for Neal Downe, Contact 19:

Verbs: Open Record

Different tools are available based on the type of record and your Security Roles.


Last Modified: 2/5/2020

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