One System, Many Parts

Big Idea
Big Idea

MinistryPlatform is a single system made of many parts.
The foundation is the database — all other parts are built on this foundation in the form of applications and services. Each application serves a different aspect of your ministry, working together to ensure the database has helpful and accurate information.

Your Database — One Source of Truth

The database should become the "one source of truth" for data at your church. Rather than having many independent silos of disconnected data, having a single source makes it possible for all your data to be interconnected. This increases accuracy and insight.

A database can be thought of as a very large filing cabinet with many drawers. Each drawer holds files that can be accessed and viewed as need. The rest of the system provides tool for reading or writing to this single source.

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Below are additional details regarding the pieces and parts of the system.

For a quick overview the main parts, just read the brief descriptions.
For a deep dive (are you adventurous?) visit the links for a wealth of knowledge.

The Many Parts — Applications and Services 

These are the many parts of the platform built on top of the database. Here are some brief descriptions to get you acquainted (no worries, there won't be a quiz)!

If you are adventurous, follow the links to find out more. If you have limited time, just give it a quick read.

  • Core Applications and Service
    • The Platform is the core application used to view and update data and is primarily used by church staff. 
    • The API provides services for developers to create custom features and applications on top of the platform.
  • Reports & Routines
  • Web Applications
    • The Portal adds valuable features to your church's web presence.
      They can update contact information, signup for Events and give online.
    • The Check-In Suite is used for checking in to Events, especially in your Children's Ministry for ensuring the safety of your kiddos.
  • Mobile Applications
    • MP Mobile comes in two flavors (Apple iOS or Android) and allows church staff to make ministry happen away from the office.
  • Web Cloud Applications in the Cloud
    • Our Cloud Server provides a shared infrastructure for more robust features and rapid release cycles.
      BatchManager and CloudTools run in the cloud and access your database via the API.
    • The BatchManager Tool (BMT) supports scanning and batching of your church's donations.  
    • CloudTools provide many features for specific scenarios. These are accessed in the Platform.

The Team Behind the Platform

The MinistryPlatform Team is made up of several smaller teams. Some of these teams have their own section of the Knowledge Base. For the curious, feel free to follow the links to find out more (but don't stay away too long)!

  • Sales — Most likely the first people you meet on our team!
  • Implementation — The people who manage and implement your project!
  • Professional Services — The people who help import your data and customize your system! 
  • Training & Coaching — The people who train you when you're learning and coach you when need advice!
  • Support — The people who answer your questions and help you troubleshoot any issues you might have!
  • Development — The people who keep improving the platform. They are tirelessly coding away at their workstations, so you might not see much of them!
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Last Modified: 12/31/2019

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