It is a privilege to support churches and organizations across the United States and around the world as they use MinistryPlatform to further the Gospel. We are deeply committed to ensuring that MinistryPlatform is fully utilized at each of our churches.

In this section, you will find specific information including our Support approach, hours, requests (tickets), and resources. It is meant to explain the “what” and the “why” behind the support approach which one user recently raved in bold, red letters was “bar-none.” 

Our Approach

Our business model for Support is based on defined levels of Support, key SPoCs, and communications via email. The benefits of having email based Support are clearer and fuller documentation of the issue at hand, more efficiency when escalating your ticket internally, as well as capturing information for expanding valuable resources, like our Knowledge Base. To understand the business model further, see Our Approach.

SPoCs (Single Points of Contact)

Yep, that's a Star Trek reference!

Certain individuals in each MinistryPlatform church have been specially trained and designated as the Single Point of Contact or "SPoC". SPoCs are the key link between your church and Think Ministry and are the only ones authorized to submit Support requests. For more information, see SPoC.

Support Requests

SPoCs are the first level of support. These individuals will work to ensure you get the most from MinistryPlatform and will escalate a Support request (ticket) to us, when appropriate, by sending an e-mail to Support. While it may feel like it's faster to have a phone call, writing the e-mail to initiate the ticket requires the ticket submitter to think through the situation, gather all the facts, take screen shots where appropriate, and provide the exact steps for reproducing the issue. For details and examples of how to write "a Support request for success," see Support Requests.

Support Hours and Holidays

Support is available during defined days and hours. Since our hours and holidays might not line up with your work hours or church holidays, see Support Hours for details.


We offer a variety of resources to support you in your use of MinistryPlatform and help you get ministry done! The primary resource is our online Knowledge Base! For more information on all our resources, see Resources.

It is a pleasure to support you and the important Gospel ministry at your church or organization! We sincerely see ourselves as partners in your ministry and take that seriously!

Please refer to your Service Level Agreement (SLA) which sets out the specific contractual obligations between Think Ministry and your church.


Last Modified: 9/16/2019

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