Widgets are now available! This exciting new feature will be released in phases and eventually replace the Portal. Until then, Widgets can be used in tandem with the Portal. For more details, see Widget FAQ.

Widgets can be added to a website with very little coding knowledge. However, Widgets do live on websites! Thus, it is highly likely each church will need to work closely with their web staff/team/vendor to successfully integrate Widgets into the existing ecosystem of their website. 

Widgets are a separate application that is fully integrated with MinistryPlatform. Widgets are designed to add valuable functionality to your church website by allowing website guests to conduct business with your church in a safe manner that is instantly captured in the MinistryPlatform database.

Each Widget is designed to appear on specific pages of your church website and are mobile-friendly and responsive. Your church can deploy one or more Widgets by adding a few lines of code on the desired pages of your church website. For more information, see Configuring Widgets.  For more configuration options, see the Shared Configuration article.  

Any visitor to your church website may create a User Account. The login, create account and password reset functionality for Widgets is the same as the Platform and the Batch Manager Tool and will create a User record.

These users will not count towards your monthly number of supported users unless you assign specific Security Roles to these users. A small subset of specific Widgets may require a Security Role (e.g. Manage Prayer/Care - TBD).


Last Modified: 3/31/2020

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