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  • The Contact Log Tool allows you to quickly add a Contact Log record for one individual or several individuals at one time.
  • When the tool is launched from a selection of records, you can input the same Contact Log entry to each selected Contact record.
  • When the tool is launched from an open record, you can input a Contact Log entry for them.
  • Either way the tool is launched, you can search for a desired Contact. Search results (if available) appear and update as you continue to type.
  • The Contact Made By field is auto-populated with the Contact of the User launching the tool, but can be changed. You can select from a list of the first 1000 Users who have at least one Security Role.
  • After clicking Save, your Contact Log details are saved and can be applied to another Contact simply by:
    • Searching for and selecting the next desired Contact, and
    • Clicking Save.
  • Information logged via the Contact Log Tool is stored:
    • On the Contact Log sub-page of the applicable Contact record(s), and
    • In Communications > Contact Log.

Initial Setup

  • The Contact Log Tool is already available on over 25 pages of MinistryPlatform. If needed, a SPoC or Support can deploy the tool to additional pages so long as Contact_ID_Field is defined on the desired page.
  • Ensure the desired Contact Types are defined (found in System Lookups > Contact Types), as well as the desired Planned Contacts (found in Communications > Planned Contacts).
  • If you need to set the Made By as the Unassigned Caller for My Calls make sure the appropriate User ID is set in the COMMON, MyCallsAssignableUserID Configuration Setting.
  • SPoCs can grant user access to this tool via the normal process.

Using the Contact Log Tool

  1. Launch the tool by either:
    • Selecting desired record(s) > Tools > Contact Log Tool, OR
    • Going to Contacts page > open desired Contact record > Tools > Contact Log Tool, OR
    • Tools > Contact Log Tool > Search for the desired Contact.
      • Search results (if available) appear and update as you continue to type.
      • If no match is found, add the individual using the Add/Edit Family Tool and then search again.
  2. Enter the desired Contact Log information.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Once processed, click Close on the progress dialogue. 
  5. Repeat, if needed.

Video Topics

0:24 - Entering Data for Several People
1:34 - Entering Data for 1 Person
1:46 - Finding the Records in MP

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Last Modified: 8/13/2019

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