Opportunities & Responses


  • Opportunity records are ways to be involved in your church; they're essentially the classified ads in a newspaper. 
  • Opportunities can be promoted via the Portal. You might also promote them via your worship service connection card. Opportunities may include things such as:
    • Ongoing ministry positions where people can serve as a part of a specific Ministry and Congregation (e.g., Children's Ministry Teachers at the Downtown campus).
    • One-time opportunities to serve at a specific event (e.g., Parking Attendants at the 10 am Easter service).
    • Requests for information (e.g., learn about baptism).
  • Response records are how interest in a specific Opportunity is noted in MinistryPlatform. In other words, a Response is a log of someone's interest in ministry that requires immediate follow-up and is evidence of activity by that person. 
  • A Response should be followed-up by someone on your team. This is a perfect opportunity to utilize a Process to email the Opportunity's Contact Person about the Response record. See the Response Follow-up Default Process for an example.

Last Modified: 7/2/2019

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