Batch Manager Tool - January 2017 (2)

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Scan Tool

  • Fixed an issue where the Scan Tool might not automatically start after system logout/reboot due to a broken path in the task.
Note: You may be prompted to install an update to your Scan Tool as a result of this update. Please follow the prompts in the Scanner Not Ready dialogue after logging into the BMT.


  • Fixed an issue where is an error was encountered during scanning the "Scanning Check..." scan status was not cleared.


  • Enhanced the open Batch dialogue search to include Batch Name, item count, Batch total, operator and Congregation.


  • Fixed an issue where Contacts with a Contact Type = Company would not return in Donor search results.


  • Fixed an issue where an existing Donation without a Distribution would not be visible in BMT when the Batch was re-opened.


  • Fixed an issue where adding a third Distribution amount would reset all Distribution amounts.


  • Enhanced the X937 file export to sum type 26, type 27 & type 28 records and match the number of addendum records included as required by some banks.
  • Enhanced the X937 file export to format the file so that all included Batches will transact at the bank as one Deposit.
  • Enhanced the X937 file export to include the option for virtual endorsement on scanned check images.
  • *New* Added a feature to the X937 file export to also create a Platform Deposit of the selected Batches to match the export.


BMT Version 2.2.7
Scan Tool Version


Last Modified: 3/30/2018

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