MinistryPlatform can easily be integrated with a variety of software and services to create real solutions to real challenges the church faces. 

We want our churches to realize the full potential and value of the investment they have made with us by continually expanding the power that MP can bring as the center of the church software ecosystem.

Direct Integrations

  1. BIS
  2. eSPACE
  3. Focus Missions
  4. Front Porch
  5. Generosity by Lifeway
  6. MortarStone
  7. Next Steps
  8. Protect My Ministry
  9. Secure Search

Professional Services Integration Projects

Professional Services has created various integrations with other software that are available for purchase*. Software

  • Announcements 
    • Under the Communications folder, the following pages are added:
      • Announcements
        • Subpages for Groups, Events, Congregations
        • New views
      • Announcement Congregations (along with new views)
      • Announcement Events (along with new views)
      • Announcement Groups (along with new views)
    • On the Groups page:
      • Announcement Subpage
    • Announcement Field (under Notifications section)
    • On the Events page:
      • Announcement Subpage
    • On the Congregation page:
      • Announcement Subpage
  • Fee Covered - an additional field added to the Donations and Distributions pages.‚Äč

Vision2 Software

  • Batch/Deposit Donations

Human Resource Software

  • GOCO

Missions Software

  • GO Ministries

Shelby Webview

TimeClock Plus 70

Financial Systems

How Do I Get An Estimate?

Contact Support for estimate or to request customization. 

*These projects are provided with no warranty or support. Any changes, fixes, etc, will be subject to availability and billed at the prevailing hourly rates.



Last Modified: 2/15/2020

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