Report & Database - March 2016

Report Updates

*NEW* Selection Option for the four Find Donor Reports
We have added four new reports on the Donors Page to pull data based on your selection:

  • Find Donor Household Changed Selected 
  • Find Donor Households Selected
  • Find Donor Selected
  • Find Donor: Export Selected 

Enhanced Mission Trip Donors Report  
We have added the donor's email address to the donor details for the Mission Trip Donors report on the Events Page.

Enhanced Mission Trip Donations Report
We have added the donor's email address to the donation details for the Mission Trip Donations report on the Events Page.   

Enhanced Selected Group Family Listing Report    
We have added an option to add the Group Participant Notes to the Selected Group Family Listing report.    

Enhanced Selected Form Responses Report          
We have added the Selected Form Response Report to additional pages: Events, Event Participants, Groups, Group Participants, Responses, and Opportunities. A "Form" drop-down is now available as an option for you to pick the desired form(s). If there are no current forms filled out by the selection you chose, the drop-down will say "None Available" and no data will be returned.     

Enhanced Campaign Pledge List Report
We have enhanced the Campaign Pledge List Report on the Pledges and Pledge Campaigns pages by adding the Donor ID to aid in comparisons when exported.

Enhanced Form Response Report  
We have added additional sorting options for the Selected Form Response Report.        

Enhanced Selected Contact Facts Report    
We have enhanced the Selected Contact Facts Report to include Attributes.       

Enhanced SSRS Settings for Pledge Campaigns    
We have added a new Configuration Setting for SSRS called CurrentCampaignFilters that will allow the Campaign drop-down for custom reports to only show current Campaigns (no End Date or End Date in the future).  

Fixed Selected Contact Facts Report   
We have fixed the Selected Contact Facts report for the Responses Detail section to only count Responses with results. It was showing "Result Unknown" for no Responses.          

Fixed Selected Payment Listing Report          
We have fixed the Selected Payment Listing Report on the Payments Page to properly sum when discounts are applied.        

Fixed Audit Log Report
We have fixed the following three reports to pull all audit entries for a date range with a future UTC timestamp: 

  • User Audit Log Activity (Users Page)
  • User Audit Log Detail (Users Page)
  • Audit Log Search (Selected) (multiple pages)

Fixed NULL Report_Path
We made dp_Reports.Report_Path a required field to prevent an error in the Platform when the field is left null/empty.            

Fixed Date of Birth Displayed on Various Reports        
We have fixed the following reports to not show 01/01 or 1/1/0001 when no DOB is on the contact record:

  • Selected Contact Dashboard 
  • Selected Family Listing  
  • Selected Group Birthday List 
  • Selected Group Directory - Photos 
  • Selected Group Directory Report    
  • Selected Group Family Listing 
  • Selected Group Last Attended
  • Selected Group Parent Email List
  • Selected Group Roster Plus Family    
  • Selected Mail Merge
  • Selected Mail Merge: Family Detail 
  • Selected Program Group Multi-week Roster 
  • Selected Program Group Rollscan Roster 

Page Layout Updates

Re-ordered Contact Page Fields
We re-ordered and organized fields on the Contacts page. Existing fields will be moved under new "Contact Methods", "Professional Information", "Communication Preferences" or "Other Information" sections.     

System Setup Updates

Navigation Changes
We've removed some commonly used pages from within their Page Sections (folders) for easier access. They are:

  • Groups
  • Events
  • Milestones
  • Opportunities

We've renamed a few Page Sections in light of the above changes:

  • Participation is now "People Lists"
  • Events & Facilities is now "Facilities"
  • Ministries & Groups is now "Church Structure"  



Note: Some churches received this change in the Fall 2015 R&D Update. You can opt out of this navigation change by emailing Support no later than Friday 3/11 at 6:00 pm ET. Please note: If you choose to opt out, some new features/enhancements may not be available to you in the future.

Moved Pages to People Lists
We have moved two pages from "Lookup Values" to "People Lists" folder/section in the navigation.

Fixed Response page's Waiting On Me View  
We have fixed the "Waiting On Me" view on the Response page that was not returning any results to show results (if any exist in the system). 

Process Updates

*NEW* Default Pledge Approval Process
We have added a new default process to each system for assigning a task to someone to review any pending pledges. The Portal creates pending pledges from two pages: Mission Trip Registration and Make a Pledge. The process will be turned off. To enable it, make it "active = true" and set the desired specific user in step one. This person will complete the task to make pending pledges active.        

Nightly Routine Updates         

Enhanced Data Quality Routine for Responses
We have improved our nightly data quality routine to ensure that the person associated with a Form Response record that came from the Opportunity Finder will be updated with the same person once the Response record is updated. 
Enhanced Outstanding Task Notification         
We have enhanced the automated Outstanding Task Notifications to only pull current or past tasks.  
Enhanced Notifications Templates
It is now possible to replace a [Nickname] token within the Subject Line of the following notification message templates:  Birthday, Event Reminder, Response    
Enhanced Registrant Messages & Reminders   
We have added the option to send automated Registrant Messages and Reminders to the Heads of the household.  Just set "Send to Heads" true on the Events page under Notification Settings Section.        
Fixed Typo in Service Notification
We have fixed a typo in an automated service notification for "Upcoming Event..." to "Upcoming Event...".
Fixed Event Reminder Notification        
We have fixed the automated Reminder Notification to pull Events based on the date and not the date and time.   

Database Object Change Updates

Enhanced User Record to Make User Name Required
We have made the User Name field on the Users page a required field.        
Enhanced Tool Tip Help Text   
We have added tool-tips (help text) on several pages. Hover over field labels to see the help text.  The following pages were updated: Accounting Companies, Attribute Types, Attributes, Batches, Contacts, Groups, Households, Milestones, Opportunities, Participants, and Responses.    
Enhanced Event_Groups and Program_Groups    
We have added a constraint that prevents a database record from being created if another record has the exact same pair of values in the Event Groups table - Group ID and Event ID.

Last Modified: 5/12/2018

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