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  • The Form Editor Tool is your go-to functionality for creating and editing Custom Forms, including both standalone Forms and Forms for Events, Opportunities or Mission Trips.
  • This single-screen tool allows you to add, edit and rearrange form fields and field options and drop-downs.
  • Changes made with the Form Editor Tool are recorded in the Audit Log of the Form record.
  • The field that is selected and being edited is indicated with a yellow bar on the left side of the field area.
  • For details on Form Field types, see this KB about Custom Forms.
  • SPoCs can grant access to this tool via the normal process.

Using the Form Editor Tool

  1. From the Forms page, launch the tool by either:
    • Open desired Form record > Tools > Form Editor Tool, OR
    • Tools > Form Editor Tool > Search for the desired Form:
      • Search results (if available) appear after 3 characters and update as you continue to type.
      • If no match is found, select "Add new form".
  2. Click the gear next to the Form title to edit the Form properties like Form Title, End Date, Instructions, etc.
  3. Drag the desired Form Field type from the Question List on the far left into the middle Form preview. Form Field types include:
    • Instructions.
    • Short text. 
    • Long text.
    • Drop down list.
    • Checkbox.
    • Options List (radio buttons).
    • Date (A sample date will be shown in the tool, not on the Portal. On the Portal, a data picker will be present)
  4. With the question selected, edit the question properties on the far right:
    • Name the field using the Question label. Important: No two fields in the Form can have the same name. If a field is given the same name as an existing field, you will be warned upon saving and the fields will be identified.
    • Check the Required box, if applicable, to make this a required question.
    • Check the Placement box, if applicable, to make this a question that requires follow up.
    • If your field label is long, use the Alternate label. Note that anything in this field replaces the field label.
    • Under Add Options, edit the options, as desired.
    • Under Add Values, add options, as desired. (Additional values can only be added to radio buttons and drop down lists, see this article for more information on the form fields.)
    • For an option list (radio button), check the Layout vertically box to change between horizontal and vertical presentation of options.
  5. Repeat step 3 as needed to add all desired questions to your Form.
  6. To change the question order, drag questions to the desired place in the middle Form preview. 
  7. Click Save. The tool refreshes to allow you to search again; repeat steps 2-5 as needed.
  8. Click Close.

Video Topics

0:25 - Launching the tool
0:42 - The Question List
1:00 - Editing Question Properties
1:45 - Changing the question order


Q1: Why can I remove some fields from my form and not others? 
If you are editing a pre-existing form, you will not be able to remove any fields from the Form where Form Answers records exist for the Form Field. Only fields without related Form Answer records can be removed. This is to prevent users from removing fields that have information populated in them. You can remove the field via the Platform in the normal process and delete or reassign the related Answers, if needed.

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Last Modified: 9/30/2019

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